Lansing Area Trails and Paths + 5 Best Paths for Social Distancing

5 Safe Walking, Biking, and Hiking Trails while Practicing Social Distancing

While Michigan’s “Stay at Home” order is in place we are still able to hike, bike, and walk. If your family feels comfortable getting out to trails during this time here are trails and paths that allow for proper social distancing.

The following trails allow for:

  • Moving aside to creating at least a 6 feet distance.
  • Places to wait and take turns on certain parts of the trail.
  • Wide open spaces where kids can run around without being close to another family.


Suggested trails with great social distancing layouts:

01) Delta Mills park path: Before you think this is a bad choice because of it’s large play structure, there are huge fields far enough away that keeping kids from the structure is pretty easy. Plus, the trail path is adjacent to the river on one side and open with little to no trees on the first mile of the path. After this portion it winds through a wooded area where practicing social distancing would be more difficult. We recommend sticking to the first mile or fields.

Click here for pictures and more tidbits about this trail.

Address: 7001 Old River Trail, Lansing, MI 48917

02) Frances Park: has a one mile loop trail circling it’s grounds plus a very large field in the center making this one of cities best choices for social distancing while getting outside.

Click here for pictures and more tidbits about this trail.

Address: 2600 Moores River Drive, Lansing MI 48911

03) Lansing River Trail: offers miles and miles of trail in all directions and provide ample space for social distancing on both sides of the trail length.

Scroll and read on for a MAP, pictures, and more tidbits about this trail.

Paths where you’ll need to step aside into wooded areas:

04) Granger Meadows Park: We recommend staying on the path that loops the big pond (closest to Wood Road.) It’s got open spaces, and larger areas where moving to the side is possible. However, the adjoining winding path through the woods is a bit narrow and moving to the side is difficult with a family.

Click here for pictures and more tidbits about this trail.

Address: 1745 Granger Meadows Ln, Lansing, MI 48906.

05) Meridian Township Trails: Many path entrances are available to park and walk all over Meridian township. The paths are wide but be prepared to step off the paved trail for proper social distancing. Much of the path is lined with large tree areas.

Scroll and read on for a MAP, pictures, and more tidbits about this trail.

Lansing River Trails Connect Greater Lansing in a Fun and Beautiful Way

Do you remember the books – Choose Your Own Adventure? Their you-choose-the-journey chapters kept me reading again and again with another ending each time. The Lansing River Trails, and Greater Lansing Trails remind me of those books.

Our multiple Lansing Trail options of paved wonder give us Lansing folks endless paths to discover and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

Connecting Greater Lansing Through Trails and Pathways

Did you know we can bike or walk on Lansing trails and paths all the way from Horrocks on the West side to MSU on the East side and from Granger Park on the North side to Valhalla Park on the South side on Holt Road? It may take you a while, but you can do it. In fact, I’d like to give it a try some time. For now, I enjoy the “build-your-own-adventure” style and take my own different stretches around town. Whether I’m on a run on my own or with my kids, it’s so much fun and beautiful!

Here are the path ways to know around town. Use this guide to decide where you want to start:

Lansing River Trail 

Trail North: The official starting point (north) of this trail is in Dietrich Park and follows through Downtown Lansing. Here you’ll go through some fun hills, pass under the Olympic Broil, and have a nice view of the Turner Dodge House. You’ll travel through Old Town and the Brenke Fish Ladder. You’ll soon have a choice to follow over the walking bridge across the river through Lansing Community College or continue on to the Lansing City Market/River Town Adventures Headquarters.

Downtown Lansing River Trail River Town Adventures

Trail West: If you choose the LCC route, you’ll travel through the buildings and have an option to take the little path between the State Capitol and Michigan Justice Building. From here you can head into the the gorgeous iconic West Side Nieghborhood on Michigan Ave. Take these sidewalks all the way to Elmwood Street on the west side. Take a right and follow this all the way to Sharp Park to find the Delta Township Trail listed below.

Trail East: If you choose to keep on to the path to the Lansing City Market you’ll soon pass Impression 5 Science Center and on to ReoTown.  Just past this point you’ll have another choice. If you choose East, you’ll pass Crego Park, Potter Park Zoo, and be on your way to the MSU Red Cedar Trail.

crego park lansing

Trail South: Once you pass through ReoTown, if you choose to keep the path to south/west, you’ll find yourself heading through Moores Park, Frances Park (Don’t miss the one mile paved trail around their grounds), and on to Waverly Road. Once you hit Waverly rd you can choose North or South. Head south to catch the Delta Township Trail. Head South to catch the Holt and South side loop. You can take the south side loop on Waverly back and Hawk Island.

Hawk Island Outdoor Play Lansing Michigan Water Kids

DeWitt Township Trail

Start this trail at Granger Park or Valley Farms Park. When you follow the sidewalk to Old US 27 and head south it’s just 2 miles on this large path to Old Town. (You’ll be on a regular sidewalk for about a half mile the 2 mile path). As you enter Old Town you’ll be able to jump back on a wide path and head into Downtown. If you’re going the opposite direction (north), make sure to turn on Weiland Rd. This will lead you to Valley Farms Park where you’ll hit the Granger Park Trail.

DeWitt Township Trail Granger Park Kids Big Hill View of the Three Stacks

Delta Township Trail

This trail is awesome. It officially starts on Maycroft road and leads to the Delta District Library. Take this trail across the family friendly street path to Sharp Park. Here you’ll find a fun story walk around their grounds. Follow this trail on past Creyts Road (Kroger) and on to Canal. The path ends on Canal street – but this is the best part of all. Turn left and walk the sidewalk up a half mile to Horrocks Farmers Market! We love to drive to Sharp Park then bike to Horrocks and back. Make sure your bike or bike trailers have room for all the goodies you’ll inevitably grab while you’re there.

Delta Township Trail Sharp Park Lansing Kids family walks bike rides

MSU Red Cedar Trail

Lansing’s River Trail moves through Crego Park and Potter Park Zoo on to the great and gorgeous MSU grounds! You could spend all day on the trails through MSU or just a few hours. Either way, it’s a dream. Take an architectural tour if you’re in for some fun and breathtaking history or travel through the gardens. After-all, their grounds have been award winning!

Meridian Township Trails

Over 80 miles of trail await!! There are many path entrances to park and walk all over Meridian township.

4 Tips to Remember Before Leaving for a Relaxing Trip on a Lansing Trail

Real-Talk, trips with kids can be difficult. For the most part, walking and outdoor activity is pretty great with kids! But, when we head out to longer walks or bike rides there’s almost always something missing that could take our trip awry if I don’t check off this list before we go.

So, this list is for me to look back on and to be a help to other parents that need reminders like I do.

Lansing River Trail Downtown Kids Walking Brenke Fish Ladder

  • Pack Snacks and Water: They don’t have to be elaborate. Just having a snack and water keeps the treck fun and enjoyable.
  • Bring a mini-diaper (needs) bag: For moms and dads with younger kids it’s great to be as hands free as possible on these trips. But we still have to keep the wipes close by am I right? I usually grab a mini bag and put one or two of the things I need at the bottom on my stroller and we are ready to roll.
  • Charge Your Cell Phone: This sounds silly but, hey! There’s always the what if chance like I’ve had, where a flat tire occurs or God forbid someone gets hurt. Backup is always a plus.
  • Map It: If you’re trying out a new route, you may want to map it first. It’s nice to have a goal with the kids so that they know how long to expect to be out and about.

Happy Trails, Lansing!

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